Steve Sawyer     Bass/Vocals


Steve is married with three grown kids and lives in the far north suburbs. He's been playing bass since the age of 14 when he was able to convince his parents to rent a knock-off blonde precision bass. He played that until his fingers bled- hooked for life. His favorite bass is probably the Rickenbacker (oh the tone), but he generally plays 'five strings' to have the extended range. Steve's musical influences are quite varied, but his early influencers were Geddy Lee (Rush), Chris Squire (Yes), and Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick).

Steve's gear includes: 
Basses: Modulus Q5, Rickenbacker 4003, Cort B5FL (fretless), 
Gibson Ripper, Ibanez SR-406; 
Amps: Tech21 PSA-1, Tech21 BSDR, Carvin DCM150, 
G-K 800RB, G-K 400RB, Peavey 1820; 
Misc: Korg DTR-1, Shure PGX wireless, Shure PSM600

When not playing music, Steve enjoys riding motorcycles- often on tracks at insanely fast speeds. (We think Steve has a death wish or at least a serious adrenaline addiction - although he says riding on the track is safer than riding on the street!).

Steve's favorite OaD tune to sing/play is 'Carry On’ (Wayward Son) by Kansas.

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