Rob Godek     Lead Guitar/Vocals


Rob is married with two grown twin daughters, one step-son and one pseudo-adopted son.  He lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago and has been playing guitar since the early ‘70’s - when his older brother came home with a Sears Harmony and told him, “not to touch it.”  A few years later, his dad took him for a ride to the ‘south-side’ (in answer to a want-ad in the paper) and bought him a ‘pre-driven’ ’73 LesPaul.

While attending Sherwood Conservatory of Music, his teacher, Rich Medel led him to (guitar smith) Ed Reynolds, who created the purple custom guitar that he loves best (to-this-day).

Although he loves to relax watching movies; theaters don’t offer “pause,” “rewind,” or “special-features…” which is why you’ll find an extensive collection of DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s in the Godek household.  (… Ain’t sayin’ how many ‘cause it’s imbarasin’).  
A penchant for cooking makes Rob a formidable opponent in ‘cook-off’ circles for many different foods, an inheritance from his mom.

Rob enjoys playing all the material that OaD performs.

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