Aaron Netsell     Guitar/Vocals

Aaron, who is married with two grown children and lives in the far north suburbs, has been playing various musical instruments since the 5th grade, when he took piano and trombone lessons. By high school Aaron started playing drums, guitar, bass, and tried to start singing.  (Don’t know how he sounded then, but we love his singing now!) Aaron's main musical influences are Santana, Joe Bonamassa, and his Dad :-). 

His gear includes his go-to guitar (a custom Fender Strat), a Taylor acoustic, a couple custom pedal boards, and an Orange amp. His current favorite overdrive pedal is a Fulltone Obsessive Compulsive Drive (OCD) Distortion pedal.

When not playing music, Aaron thoroughly enjoys writing songs, recording other’s music, and building things with his hands (like custom equipment racks or cases).

Aaron’s favorite OaD tune to sing and play, is 'Carry On' (Wayward Son) by Kansas. But one of our new ones for this year “You’re No Good” originally made popular by Linda Rhondstat, is starting to become a new favorite.

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