Meet the Team

Jon Schwan; Guitars, vocal, Timbales

Ken Grutza; Drums, vocals, percussion

Aaron Netsell; Lead Vocal, guitars, keyboards, Congas

Rob Godek; Bass, vocals, percussion

Our team is a group of like-minded Christians ages 25 to 50. The band formed in late-2006 for the sole purpose of performing the "On-A-Dime" story and ministering to Christians and non-Christians alike.

Band members are multi-talented, playing two or more instruments in addition to singing. All bandmembers share from their hearts and Scripture during the events. Counting the musicians, technical staff, and support crew, we have 8 team members.

Meet the rest of the Team below!!!

James Coltman; Sound Tech

Bob Linning; Sound/Light Tech

Marty Howe; Sound Engineer

Jordan Netsell Sound/Light Tech

Nikki Bindi Lighting Tech

Shana Dolan; Lighting Tech

Don Spidle; Lighting Tech