On A Dime was conceived in my heart in 2005. I believe the work was inspired by my desire to develop a concept album that would prompt discussion about how in spite of great trials and even seeming injustice, God is sovereign. Story telling in music is an incredibly creative venue and I found myself having an incredible time writing and recording the music.

God placed a desire in my heart early on to put together the story and music as a live event that could be performed in local area churches. That vision seems to be coming to pass, as our team of eight prepares for our first event in the summer of 2007

As I wrapped up the writing and recording, I realized that the story was also my personal way of working through my Momís recent battle with cancer. The trials she faced and the emotional toll it took on my entire family invoked many feelings and questions. In working through Momís illness and death, and my own recent serious health issues, Iíve come to realize all the more, that God is faithful.

I hope youíll read through the On A Dime parts of this website and check out the FAQs, the team, and the music. May it inspire you to seek God, and to live each day to the fullest. Life can turn On a Dime.


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